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Posted By: The Sandman
04-Aug-06 - 10:36 AM
Thread Name: EFDSS Role in the 21st Century
Subject: RE: EFDSS Role in the 21st Century
well its not surprising IF I am out of date ,I havebeen living for sixteen years in Ireland, and subsequently direct my money in comhaltas direction, who do seem to be doing a lot more than efdss.However I come over to england and play every few months so imight be more in touch with the english folk song scene than you . Part of the reason for me starting this thread was in the hope    that someone from efdss would come forward and show what efdss have or have not been doing. your revising of out of print books is admirable, but efdss other instigation of song projects is pitiful, here i am not ill informed, they have withdrawn from supporting folk festivals they have not instigated one project like the hallamshire [ if they have please inform me]for song. I am pleased you pointed out efdss psition relating to english folk song as many other people seem ignorant of this. for funding to be forthcomimg there needs to be lobbying. my creating this thread was an attempt to make mudcatters aware of the problem , if you can make us all awre of everything efdss has been doing to promote folksong as well as dance, you might get more support, thats efdss remit not mine . unlike other contributors i have tried to be fair minded towards efdss. and have praised all the few inititiaves that you have furnished us with . show me some more.Folkiedave might be right.