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Posted By: Roberto
05-Aug-06 - 01:14 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Dockyard Gate (from Peter Bellamy)
Subject: Lyr Add: THE DOCKYARD GATE (from Sam Larner)
This is Sam Larner's recording, the transcription is from the booklet. Charley Noble: I'm sure Peter Bellamy sings "Just to let you know how the game GO on when you are out of sigh", same as Sam Larner. As for the other line, Sam Larner sings "Or perhaps it is his watch below, our joys he can behold", but Peter sings it differently, and the line in my transcription is an attempt to get his words, but I'm not sure. Dick Miles: thank you for the extra-verse. R

Sam Larner, Now is the time for fishing, Topic TSCD511 (originally released on Folkways Records FG 3507), 1961 (recordings 1958, 1959, 1960)

List you seamen unto me for these few lines to you I'd write
Just to let you know how the game go on when you are out of sight
Just to let you know how the lads on shore go sporting with your wives
When you are out on the raging seas all venturing your sweet lives

Now, last farewell of her true love she then began to cry
She took her handkerchief from her breast to wipe her weeping eye
Saying, my love is going to sea, how hard it is my case
There's plenty a-more all on the shore and another one to take his place

Now go you down to the dockyard gate and wait till I come out
For this very day we'll spend his half-pay and we'll drink both ale and stout

Now the day being spent with sweet content and his half-pay was no more
Never mind, my love, she then did cry, my husband is working hard for more
Perhaps it is his watch on deck all shivering in the cold
Or perhaps it is his watch below, our joys he can behold