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Posted By: Cruiser
07-Aug-06 - 01:05 AM
Thread Name: Music Industry Goes After Guitar Tablature Sites
Subject: RE: losing tab sites?
Thanks Joe.

Some questions for songwriters, lyricists, and singers:

Do you object to having your song lyrics, music notation and tabs, etc. posted on the Internet?

Do you think it is stealing your livelihood?

I certainly would not want to take something for nothing and donate to websites I frequent and would do so for good wide-ranging lyrics and tab sites.

I frequented Rose, The Record Lady's site when it was functioning just to listen to music I wanted to purchase anyway to ensure that it was the song I wanted. Her site actually helped sell music, in my case. I have well over 250 CDs, a hundred or more tapes, and often purchase individual songs at $0.99 each through Rhapsody because I want good quality music and I am willing to pay for it. I also still have a collection of 45s and LPs and continue to purchase rare vinyl records. I have 8 of Joel Whitburn's music books and numerous other books on music I've purchased. I have many instructional videos on fiddle, guitar, and harmonica.

This world is more and more becoming pay-as-you-go and I don't see the trend changing. I don't disagree with paying for something, but I see the current free lyrics, tab, and music sites dwindling to a few closed paid membership-only monopolized entities without the variety that free "done as a labor of love" sites offer. That would be a great loss to all who love music.