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Posted By: Big Al Whittle
07-Aug-06 - 01:05 PM
Thread Name: What makes a good hymn?
Subject: RE: What makes a good hymn?
I think maybe the great hymns - the Bunyans, the Wesleyan hymns, the Spirituals, the Salvation army stuff etc

they all seem to relate to a time when faith was substantially a simpler matter than it is today. I'm sure they meant something different to the people who sang them in those days.

A good hymn, to me at least - I'm no sort of an expert, should give the singer a spiritual experience - it should feel like touching the very substance of God.

Mind you, I was brought up as a Quaker, and I used to envy the other kids singing hymns in assembly - I was brought up to believe it was an insincere form of worship. Later on I briefly attended a Quaker boarding school and found there that the kids were merrily singing away - so it was not a view shared by all Quakers.