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Posted By: Paul Burke
08-Aug-06 - 04:52 AM
Thread Name: What makes a good hymn?
Subject: Lyr Add: ALL THINGS DULL AND UGLY (Eric Idle)
It's one reason I don't like singing hymns, or Gospel stuff for that matter. I don't like saying I believe things that I don't. Where theology is irenicist, broad and inclusive ("Let's be nice to everyone"), it's difficult to disagree. But what motivates many religious people- not just Christians, and including some who don't think they are religious- is the feeling that their group alone have exclusive access to the truth, and the inward smirk that they seem to have when playing at being tolerant. I used to work with a bloke, he was very pleasant, but quietly let it be known that WE were all damned to hell for all eternity.

So theologically, All Things Bright And Beautiful is theologically impeccable, but so is this:

"All Things Dull And Ugly" from Monty Python's Contractual Obligations Album

All things dull and ug-ly,
All creatures, short and squat,
All things rude and na-sty,
The Lord God made the lot.

Each little snake that poisons,
Each little wasp that stings,
He made their prudish venom,
He made their horrid wings.

All things sick and cancerous,
All evil great and small,
All things foul and dangerous,
The Lord God made them all.

Each nasty little hornet,
Each beastly little squid,
Who made the spiky urchin?
Who made the sharks? He did!

All things scant and ulcerous,
All pox both great and small,
Putrid, foul and gangrenous,
The Lord God made them all.