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Posted By: Grab
08-Aug-06 - 08:42 AM
Thread Name: Music Industry Goes After Guitar Tablature Sites
Subject: RE: Music Industry Goes After Guitar Tablature Sites
JHH, it depends on what kind of "folk" you're after.

Most trad music exists in standard notation (or in forms such as ABC or MIDI which can be trivially converted to standard score with free or cheap tools), as it's been written down from the playing of fiddlers and others who usually use standard notation rather than tab. It's relatively simple to work out the fret positions from that. For working out the chords, some places show them, but in general you can just listen to the MIDI and play along until you've worked out chords that suit you. Chords for trad music are very much what you feel fits the tune. The simple three-chord stuff usually works, but you can be much more fancy if you want.

For other folk music - Tom Paxton, Whiskey in the Jar, Wild Rover and all that kind of stuff - you can go to any tab site and search. I use myself to combine results from multiple sites.