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Posted By: Deckman
08-Aug-06 - 07:21 PM
Thread Name: What makes a good hymn?
Subject: RE: What makes a good hymn?
I am finding this thread VERY interesting. It's a perfect topic!

I was raised in the Pentecostal Church by two Grandmothers who were both Pentecostal preachers, one in Finnish and the other American. By six I was taught how to "speak in tongues" and how to "heal sinners" by laying on my hands. I also could sing scores and scores of hymns.

By the time I was 11,I recognized the deceptions for what they were and moved on.

When I started college, my first year as a "music major" I decided to become a choir director, studied all the formal music ed classes. But, after one year of that, I quit that pursuit.

I quit because I KNEW that while I might well be very good as a choir director, I would be completly PHONEY to my prsonal beliefs, as I now clearly understood the power of manipulation that is inherently possible with this kind of music.

Today, to me, a "GOOD HYMN" is something like "Who Will Sing For Me." It's vanilla enough that most folks can find something satisfying in it, it's got a lovely melody, it lends itself to harmony, and is very guitar friendly. These days, I often sing this song in churches (believe it or not) when I'm requested to sing at funerals.

By the way, over the years I've sung at both weddings and funerals. While my success rate for singing at weddings, as judged by the success of the weddings, is quite mixed, my success rate for singing at funerals is 100%. They all stayed dead!

CHEERS, Bob(deckman)Nelson