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Posted By: The Fooles Troupe
09-Aug-06 - 07:18 AM
Thread Name: Music Industry Goes After Guitar Tablature Sites
Subject: RE: Music Industry Goes After Guitar Tablature Sites
"What there ought to be however (and isn't) in copyright law is a provision to the broad effect that unless a work is available to the public (preferably at a reasonable price but I can see that being contentious) copyright ought not to give rise to a right to injunctive relief."

Under Aussie Law, if a Publisher refused to import a publication within a reasonable time or arrange local publication, then 'grey simultaneous import' by independents became legal.

Dunno what the US FTA (F*** The Aussies!) did to that though.... but I notice that 'grey imports' of all sorts of other products - dishwashing liquid, canned food, etc are occurring at a large rate in the 'cheapie stores' like Crazy Clark, etc.