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Posted By: GUEST,Rob Henderson
09-Aug-06 - 09:16 AM
Thread Name: Bring Back Vin Garbutt (Please Help)
Subject: Bring Back Vin Garbutt (Please Help)
Ok so heres the story in short.....

.... I saw Vin Garbutt play a few weeks back and mentioned I was going to Cambridge Folk Festival. "Oh I haven't played there for ages" was his reply. So being very drunk I thought it would be funny to make a "Bring Back Vin Garbutt" flag for our camp flag pole.

The first nights rain brought down the flag :(

All it was good for now was a sun screen in the hot sunny days, until my mate dared me to get "WHERE'S VIN?" Henna Tatoo'd on my chest. Drunk as I was, I agreed.

Getting the tatoo was the start of a snowball effect. The conversation went...

ME: "how mush to get WHERSH VIN on me chesht?"
VENDOR: "about £10 mate"
ME: "mint"
VENDOR: "Why the hell do you want WHERES VIN on your chest?"
ME: *explained what I've just explained to you*
VENDOR: "EXCELLENT!!! Heres £5 back and can I sign the flag to start a petition to hand in to the festival orgaanisers?"

Waking up in the morning I found my self with ELIZA CARTHY's and the MAYOR OF LEWISHAMS signature on my flag along with a more of the last nights less than sobre folk.

So back home and thinking it was all becoming a distant memory, how wrong I was. My father got an email today from the MAYOR OF LEWISHAM, who has set up a website with me as campaign leader.

not only that but our local paper has got hold of the story and is putting the website into the paper.

So I'm holding my head up high and going through with what I started (as drunk as I was) I am also asking anyone who supports me in this to please click on the link on the site and tell Cambridge organisers that Vin should be on the bill for next year. :) My 2 year old son is starting to learn some words, as I sing it to him all the time, so I think it would make his next year special too at cambridge :)