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Posted By: Celtaddict
09-Aug-06 - 09:44 AM
Thread Name: Shy people at Getaway
Subject: Shy people at Getaway
I have not seen much about upcoming Getaway of late but wonder if 'Catters remember a member describing self as "Shy Person" and though said SP had been to a number of Getaways and events, felt left out of cliques and reminded us to make the acquaintance of folks who may look familiar but are not at the center and do not feel able to try to put themselves there. I was new to Getaway last year, and do not know if I will be able to come to this year's, but want to say this:
I am not shy, and only knew a couple of folks there, but loved it. But I sought out SP (and no, I am not going to include any other information, that would be up to SP) and was delighted to find a very interesting individual with which I share a number of interests, not only traditional music. As it turns out, our musical tastes are fairly dissimilar but SP has a great eye for beauty, and a warm caring personality, and quite a talent that SP has shared with me.
So this year, don't fail to stretch your personal circle and pull in one or two who might not have been there otherwise; no telling what treasure you might find!