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Posted By: The Sandman
10-Aug-06 - 07:16 AM
Thread Name: EFDSS Role in the 21st Century
Subject: RE: EFDSS Role in the 21st Century
Good points jim, efdss does have a magnificent library,and excellent sound archives.      Comhaltas does however run workshops that I know people have found useful. Im sorry I wouldnt describe treoir as a joke it normally has pages of tunes, and articles about musicians , different instruments . origins of tunes, songs etc. and I find it more readable than the folk music journal[Thats only my opinion].undOubtedly it could be improved but then so could english dance and song and F M J.[ Would you describe them as a joke ]I wouldnt.comhaltas does also run seisuns throughout the summer which are very successful. comhaltas does not have a house, equivalent to cecil sharp house[ that could be seen as an advantage or disadvantagefrom a commercial point of view]the purchase of a building for a library may or may not be necessary in these days of the computer when things can be accessed by computer.I have an open mind on the subject. however at the next comhaltas meeting I shall endeavour to bring your points up about lack of library and sound archives.