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Posted By: Dave the Gnome
11-Aug-06 - 09:06 AM
Thread Name: Music Industry Goes After Guitar Tablature Sites
Subject: RE: Music Industry Goes After Guitar Tablature Sites
I'm no real musician so my two penn'urth probably isn't even worth that!

The way I see it though is that he tab sites can only show the tab in two ways. The original way - Ie as the composer intended. And the interpreted way - Ie the way someone else believes it should be done.

If it is the former it is very clear cut. Either the composer themself has posted it in which case there is no problem or someone has copied it from a book, in which case copyright has been breeched in any number of ways. These must be removed or the cost must be paid.

If it is the latter it is a little more complex but not too much. Whoever has interpreted it owns the 'arrangement'. However they cannot perform even their own arrangement of a copyrighted item without permission from the owner. Or without paying. Once they have made that payment or gained that permission they should be able to share that arrangement with whosoever they want. Whether the owner of the original wanst a one off payment or a share of subsequent profits is up to them but I know what I would go for:-)

Of course there is another way of looking at it. Perhaps people posting tab, music, lyrics or whatever realy are fighting against the unjust laws which allow the publishing companies to do what has been mentioned before. Charge you for 20 songs when all you want is one. Perhaps if the publishing companies allowed people to download music, tab and lyrics on a per song basis there would be no need for people break the law? Maybe there would then be a true reflection of what was popular and what wasn't?

I am not saying this is the answer. I don't have the full answer. Maybe it is part of it though.