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Posted By: Effsee
13-Aug-06 - 02:27 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: The Diamond Ship (from The Gaugers)
Guest, Lighter, your geography is a wee bit oot! Stromness is a port in the Okney Isles. It was a supply stop, for men and provisions, for a lot of the whalers back then.
The version on the Rovin' Sailor CD is a bit unusual lyric and tune-wise.
Tom Spiers (Ex Gauger)sings another version of the song on the Shepherd, Spiers & Watson album "They smiled as we cam' in" , Springthyme SPRCD 1042.Highly recommended!


The Diamond is a ship, ma lads, for the Davis Strait she's bound,
The quay it is aa garnished wi' bonny lasses roon;                            (aa = all)
Captain Gibbons gives command, tae sail the ocean wide,
Far the sun it niver sets, my lads, nor darkness dims the sky,            (Far = where)

cho: Sae be cheerful my lads, let your herts niver fail,
For the bonny ship, the Diamond goes a-fishing for the whale.

Along the quay at Aiberdeen, the lasses stan aroon,
Their shawls aa pu'ed around them, their saut tears rinnin' doun;
"Dinna greet, my bonny lassie, though ye've be left behind,
The rose'll grow on Greenland's ice afore I change ma mind."

Best wishes tae the Greenland fleet and aa the whalin trade,
And likewise tae the sailor lads fa earn their dailly breid,                (fa = who)
They wear the trousers of the white and the jackets o the blue,
Fan They get back tae Aiberdeen they'll find sweetherts a-new.    (Fan = when)
Sae jovial it will be the day, fan the Greenland lads come hame,
Wi ships that's full o oil ma lads and money tae their names,
They'll mak the cradle for tae rock and the blankets for tae teer,    (teer = tear)
And every lass in Aiberdeen cry "Hish-a-ba ma dear"

Here's a health untae the Hercules and anither tae the Jane,
A health untae the Bon-accord and the Diamond, ship of fame;
A health to Captain Gibbon, and aa the Diamond's crew,
A health to every bonnie lass that's got a hert that's true.


I'll try and find the lyrics for the other version.