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Posted By: GUEST,JTT
14-Aug-06 - 03:48 AM
Thread Name: Carolan or O'Carolan??
Subject: RE: Carolan or O'Carolan??
Heh! Thurlock, kind of, with the emphasis on the Thur. But in Irish, the 'th' sound is sharper than in English; you make it by striking the tip of the tongue on the tissue just behind the upper front teeth.

Returning to the O versus nO question: yes, there was a ban on Mac and O; if your name was a Mac or an O name you couldn't live in Dublin, and the O'wners got around it by dropping their O, the Macers by expressing their Mac as M' (eg M'Donagh) - a usage that's gone out since its hateful necessity did.

But Carolan/O'Carolan is an individual case. People discuss Carolan's (or O'Carolan's) music, but always say Turlogh O'Carolan. It's just one of those eccentricities of usage.