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Posted By: chico
15-Aug-06 - 06:38 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Ireland Must Be Heaven
Subject: Lyr Add: Ireland Must Be Heaven

(C#° Bb       A° G° B° D° Eb°    C7    Ebm       Bb
(Oh, Ireland must be heaven for my mother came from there)

      Gm             D7
I've often heard my daddy
          G7                  Cm
speak of Ireland's lakes and dells,
    Gm            D7   Gm
The place must be like Heaven,
         Dm       Gm       Dm (F°)
if it's half like what he tells;

         C°             Bb
There's roses fair and shamrocks there,
    A°             Bb
and laughing waters flow;
       Dm          A7   Dm/F      
I have never seen that Isle of Green,
             A/E       C°      D   (C°|G#° E7)
But there's one thing sure I know.

A       °       A    C#+    D                A
Ireland must be Heaven, for an angel came from there,
E7 A    /C#    F#m             B7               E7
I never knew a living soul, one half as sweet or fair,
D°      A                  7          F#7    B7                   E7    G#7
For her eyes are like the star light, And the white clouds match her hair, sure
A      °       A      D+    B7      D    E7   A
Ireland must be Heaven, For My Mother Came From There.

I've pictured in my fondest dreams
old Ireland's vales and rills,
I see a stairway to the sky,
formed by her verdant hills;

Each wave that's in the ocean blue
just loves to hug the shore,
So if Ireland isn't Heaven,
then sure, It must be right next door.

[Words and Music by Joe McCarthy, Howard Johnson & Fred Fischer. Published 1916 by Leo. Feist]

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