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Posted By: JesseW
16-Aug-06 - 12:02 AM
Thread Name: Origins: Rigs of the Time / Rigs of the Times
Subject: Lyr Add: Trad. - Rigs of the Time
While we do have a entry for this in the DT ( SongID=4966 ), I have various bits to add to it, and there doesn't seem to be a existing thread devoted to it, so... here's one.

More verses, from Rise Up Singing! (1992 edition, p. 185)

And next there's the lawyer, you plainly will see
He'll plead for your case for a very large fee
All day he will talk proving all wrong is right
He'll make you believe that a black horse is white

And next there's the parson, he'll soon have your soul
If you stick to the Book you will keep off the dole
He'll give you his blessing and likewise his curse
Put his hand in your pocket and walk off with your purse

And next there's the doctor, I nearly forgot
I believe in my heart he's the worst of the lot
He'll tell you he'll cure you for half you possess
And when you are buried he'll take all the rest

(These verses go just before the last verse, which has a variation not listed in the DT yet. It follows.)

Now the best plan I know to bring this to an end
Is to pop them all up in a high gale of wynd...

(RUS has "to bring this to an end" in square brackets after the standard line; I guessed at what was meant)

The metadata in RUS is as follows:

In SO! 29-3 & P Kennedy FS of Britain & Ireland On Martin Carthy "Out of the Cut" (Topic), Michael Cooney "The Cheese Stands Alone" & "Still Cooney"

The entries about this tune in: are:

   1. Blood, Peter; and Annie Patterson (eds.) / Rise Up Singing, Sing Out, Sof (1992/1989), p185
   2. Carthy, Martin. Out of the Cut, Rounder 3075, LP (1982), trk# 6
   3. Cooney, Michael. Michael Cooney or: "The Cheese Stands Alone", Folk Legacy FSI-035, LP (1968), trk# 5
   4. Salmons, "Charger". World Library of Folk and Primitive Music. Vol 1. England, Rounder 1741, CD (1998), trk# 12 [1947]

I loved this song, and so I added a more modern additional verse:

Then there's the CEO, I must bring him in
Gives himself some stock options and thinks it's no sin
Plays with the market to make it go down
The poor lose their savings, and he goes to town, Singing...

I release my additional verse under a Creative Commons Attribution license, version 2.0 : ; i.e. do whatever you like with it, but credit me.