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Posted By: George Seto -
19-Feb-00 - 09:27 AM
Thread Name: Is there a future for traditional music
Subject: RE: Is there a future for traditional music
Sourdough, as Crowhugger says, COME TO ATLANTIC CANADA.

I'm from Cape Breton, and now live in Halifax on the mainland of Nova Scotia. Between the two place, I've met literally dozens of songwriters who compose the type of song you are referring to.

Two of these are David Stone and Vince Morash. Among Vince's recent songs is one which talks about the loss of the salmon fishing industry in the Pacific NorthWest. Dave has written songs which are both quite serious as well as those containing liberal quantities of humour. In the serious vein, there are songs about the decline of the age of sail, and The Halifax Explosion. In the humour types, there is a Shantey song which is all about Cheese, and a new one called I Love My Back which talks about the pogie! Classic topic for a Cape Bretoner. Dave is also from Cape Breton, and Vince is from a small fishing village called Peggy's Cove.

Anyway, yes, there IS a future for traditional music. We still see, not just here in Atlantic Canada, but all around the world, new young writers who follow in the footsteps of Murray MacLauchlan, Gene MacLellan, Stompin' Tom Connors, or Alister MacGillivray, to name a few of our regional songwriters. Their songs are making their way into the conciousness of YOUR young because you play the music. It influences them in subtle ways.