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Posted By: nutty
17-Aug-06 - 04:24 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: A modern folk song of your choice
Subject: Lyr Add: PEACE IN OUR TIME
The difference between the popular music scene and the filk scene is the amount of money that is invested in an artist and the return expected on that investment.

The whole popular music scene is so driven.

I just thank God that Simon Cowell, Pete Waterman and Sharon Osbourne (X Factor)have not been able to do similar things to the folk music industry. Here we have 'real' performers who do what they do for love more than money and who have served a long apprenticeship before making it to the top.

For the past 10 years I have run a small winter weekend for singers and have been overwhelmed by the festival performers who have just wanted to come along and take part - not as booked artists (they had to pay to come) - but just for the love of the genre.

If you are interested ... I wrote the following song when Iraq was invaded.

Peace in our time

Peace in our time
The politicians said
But since that time
How many millions dead
And when the bombs fall from the sky
And when we hear the bullets fly
How often will we hear the cry
For peace in our time

Peace in our time
That's what the children heard
Peace in our time
And they believed the words
Yet nations still prepare for war
Breaking God and Nature's law
How many more will die before
There's peace in our time

Peace in our time
That's the dream to hold
Peace in our time
Before we grow old
An end to all hostility
So everyone on Earth is free
To live their lives in harmony
With peace in our time.