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Posted By: Barry Finn
19-Aug-06 - 02:05 AM
Thread Name: How can one meet (or write) Pete Seeger?
Subject: RE: How can one meet (or write) Pete Seeger?
He's usually at the Hudson River/Clearwater Revival or some festival name like that, held in New York along the Hudson River. Spot him out as he's walking & trip in front of him landing gently at his feet & start talking him up from down there. Silly? No, I'm sure it's happen to him plenty of times. The worst thing he can do is walk over you & keep going. Or just walk right up to him and try saying "hi, I'm Jon Anhenry an it aaaaa emm real pleasuuuuuu, dah", lift one leg high behind you with toes pointing down, 2 hands behind your back, turn your head to the side dropping your nose slightly downwards & then say "aw, shucks".
Good luck, just funning with you a bit