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Posted By: Bev and Jerry
19-Aug-06 - 06:59 PM
Thread Name: How can one meet (or write) Pete Seeger?
Subject: RE: How can one meet (or write) Pete Seeger?
He is a very gracious man, Joe.

Many years ago he did a concert at a huge outdoor venue in Los Angeles and we didn't go even though we lived nearby (yeah, yeah, we know). He performed a song we had written, which was probably the highlight of our checkered career, and mentioned our names and, knowing we lived in the area, asked if anyone in the audience knew how to contact us. During the intermission, several people sent notes with our phone number on it.

The next morning, someone called Jerry at work and related the story and he, of course, called Bev and told her. And a good thing, too. In the afternoon, Pete called Bev and talked to her for about an hour. If she hadn't been forewarned, you can imagine what her reaction would have been if she picked up the phone and someone said, "This is Pete Seeger".

After that, we got several chances to talk to him before and after concerts and he is not only gracious, but humble as well. The way he comes off on stage is the way he is all the time. We never met a nicer person.

And by the way, either he or Toshi answers all their mail - at least they used to.

Bev and Jerry