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Posted By: Bill Hahn//\\
19-Aug-06 - 07:02 PM
Thread Name: How can one meet (or write) Pete Seeger?
Subject: RE: How can one meet (or write) Pete Seeger?
Pete Seeger is a private person who is accessible at such things as the Clearwater Festival each year. Or at any other event in which he appears---which is usually a cause he supports.

Many years back I recall his being honored at a local MLK event in my area. A small honorarium and a plaque were given---he wanted to return the honararium so the organization could fund more good work--it was only about $100 or so.

Another remembrance---he appeared in the 1970s at the New School in NYC for a remembrance of the Spanish Civil War through song and history by a lecturer---he sang (and many people filled in the forgotten words for him). The Professor went on with slides and a lecture---the folks wanted more of Pete---he just took his shoes off and sat on the stage and said---hey, let's learn something more from the professor---then we'll sing some more---oh, by the way---anyone going back toward Beacon that can give me a ride there or at least to Grand Central Station?

He greeted the audience afterwards and one young couple wanted an autograph on a photo. I saw his discomfort as he said something like---sure---you know photography and music are a universal language and the fellow taking pictures really got some nice ones of these old vets.   He never really looked at the couple---does not believe in self adulation. Just his strongly held opinions and beliefs.

I have a few others, but do not want to belabor this like an old man telling of his memories. Suffice it say---admire him, appreciate him, and leave him to his privacy.