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Posted By: Malcolm Douglas
20-Aug-06 - 06:32 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: 'juice of barley', song from about 1690
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: 'juice of barley', song from about 1690
The tune is older than 1690; though the earliest musical example we know of is of 1651, it was specified on song sheets some years before that date. Perhaps the cd reference is to the 1690 edition of Playford.

The trouble is that there were so many songs sung to this tune, or to variant forms of it under various titles. Parts of some have already been quoted; there were many more. The lines Leeneia quotes are from a much longer broadside song registered in 1632, The little Barly-Corne; the full text can be seen at the late Bruce Olson's website:

Scroll down a little.

Laurence Price's Good Ale for my Money (c.1629-32; see reference above) is transcribed at

Although we can't be certain of such things, it's likely that the tune-name 'Oyle of Barley' derived from the Price song. Whether that's the "popular song" that 'Bare Necessities' meant, I wouldn't know; there are many possibilities, though this is among the earliest.