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Posted By: Suffet
20-Aug-06 - 08:18 PM
Thread Name: How can one meet (or write) Pete Seeger?
Subject: RE: How can one meet (or write) Pete Seeger?

I believe it's perfectly OK to write to Pete, especially if all you want to do is thank him. From my own experience, he prefers postal mail to other forms of contact. He used to have a listed phone number, but no longer. And as far as I know, he does not use e-mail. But as I wrote earlier, he eventually answers letters, even if it is with just a brief "thank you" post card.

As Mark Clark said, if you really want to have some meaningful interaction with Pete, then get involved with one of his many projects. For example, participate in the weekly peace vigil in Poughkeepsie, New York. Or work on the next Ships to Save the Waters conference. Or start doing volunteer work for the Beacon Sloop Club. Or help develop a music related project for the War Resisters League, or for the Community Church of New York. Or become active in the People's Music Network, or in the Children's Music Network. Or organize fundraising activities for any or all of those projects, inclusing small house concerts. Just don't ask Pete to perform. If you are for real, he will find you.

--- Steve