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20-Feb-00 - 01:24 AM
Thread Name: Lyr Req: Shores of Botany Bay (Makem & Clancy)
Subject: RE: Botany Bay as done by Makem & Clancy
Ah! ... G'day again Brennan on the Moor,

I see we were at least thinking of the same song. I guess I can't help you with tablature - the song as I know it from Duke' is a singer's song ... sung, not played. Duke was a traditional unaccompanied singer and believed that anything that interfered with the words, interfered with the song.

He always told us young revival folkies of the '60s; "If the bloke in the back row doesn't hear the fifth word in the fourth line - you've mucked the song up!". Of course we went ahead and played untraditional instruments, like guitars, anyway but it is worth remembering when you are singing ... and when you are playing instrumentals.


Bob Bolton