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Posted By: Charlie Baum
20-Feb-00 - 01:31 AM
Thread Name: Folk-Legacy's Newest CD: Ballads & Songs of Trad
Subject: RE: Help: Folk-Legacy's Newest CD
Our copy arrived Friday, and Lisa Null and I spent Friday evening listening to it. You should have seen the look of bliss on Lisa's face as she sat in rapt attention listening to it. And the informative booklet--Sandy, you've outdone yourself. The John C. and Clara Higgins Foundation money was well invested--but such a good album deserves to be a best-seller!

Coincidentally, my copy of the Warner collection, ordered from Redhouse Records (distributors for Appleseed) also arrived on Friday. How many wonderful albums can I stand in the course of one weekend. I can only thank my lucky stars that it's a long holiday weekend (President's Day, for the non-U.S. Mudcatters who are wondering), which gives me a day off to listen to everything again and again.

I can see I'm going to be very busy learning new old songs for the next couple of months.

--Charlie Baum