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Posted By: Mickey191
21-Aug-06 - 06:04 PM
Thread Name: BS: An AWOL Soldier's Plea
Subject: BS: An AWOL Soldier's Plea
A friend got this today-the Spammers are getting very inventive:

  Good day to you,

My name is Sgt.Kevin Taylor, an American soldier, serving in the military with the Third infantry Division in Iraq. We discovered some huge amount of money in Baghdad neighbourhood belonging to Saddam Hussein and I smuggled some part of these funds in two trunk boxes out of Baghdad, which is being kept safe in a secured finance company in Europe as Family valueables. You can read more about the events that took place here

Basically, am writing you due to the situation I found myself and I can not return back to America again because I was among five US soldiers questioned by military officials after some of the money was allegedly stolen, as I have absconded from US military and am now in exile.

I have killed many people in war, my carrier is finished and I found no peace anymore in where I am right now as I have been declared wanted by US Military. I have decided to look for someone like you to help me retrieve these funds from Finance Company in Europe and disburse this funds to any charity organisation on earth as I know that this will only be a way Almighty God can forgive me in all human killing I encounter during war.

In honesty, after claiming these two trunk boxes from security company in Europe, you shall have 10% of total funds, disburse 90% to four charity organisations on earth. Each box contain the sum of Fifteen Million United States Dollars (US$15M). I do not want any money from these funds rather than spending all on humanity for me to have forgiveness of sins from Almighty God who seeth us all from above and that is why you must do this in honesty and trust.

I shall seek for an assylum in any part of the world outside United States of America because I can not return back to my lovely country and I have been diagnosed of Cancer of Lungs and Oesophagus due to Bomb explosure I inhale during the hostilities/war in Irag. I will send you certificates of deposit to enable you lay claim to these boxes on my behalf as soon as I hear from you. My watch word is to TRUST you and ensure CONFIDENTIALITY when you receive this letter.

kindly reply me via this e-mail below: signifying your interest including your confidential telephone/fax numbers for quick communication and also your contact details (Names,Job title and occupation). Respectfully, Sgt.Kevin Taylor. (

------------------ POOR KEVIN-Roaming the world without a farthing and cancer to boot.