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Posted By: Peter T.
21-Aug-06 - 09:59 PM
Thread Name: Music Industry Goes After Guitar Tablature Sites
Subject: RE: Music Industry Goes After Guitar Tablature Sites
These people are the same idiots who said that video would kill the movie industry. They have never had the slightest interest in producing good products -- you can go forever without finding decent guitar tabs published by the industry. It is short sighted stupidity.   If these people produced such things, they would have a leg to stand on.

Let us take the number one example in the world. The Beatles. Unless you buy the 100 dollar complete transcriptions you cannot buy a decent TAB of the Beatles. You cannot CANNOT work out how they played what they played from the sheet music they put out. It is pianized crap reproduced and repackaged. I could go on like this all day and name the top 100 groups in the world and it would be all the same. (The honourable exceptions like Joni Mitchell are honorable exceptions!)


Peter T.