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Posted By: ScuttleBob
22-Aug-06 - 09:41 PM
Thread Name: Origins: The Clipper (Peter Bellamy)
Subject: Peter Bellamy's 'The Clipper'
Greetings, ALL, I've been trying to find the name of the author of a piece, which appears on Peter's "We have feed our Sea for a Thousand Years"...which may, or may not be called 'The Clipper' are the lyrics-sounds like one of Peters Poem settings...

'The Clipper'? from the singing of PETER BELLAMY

1.Oh, fair She was to look on,
as some spirit of the Sea,
as She raced from China homeward,
with Her load of fragrant tea
& the shiny-swift Bonita,
& the white-winged Albatross,
claimed kinship with the Clipper,
beneath the Southern Cross.

2.Close Hauled, with shortened canvas,
swift & plunging, she would sweep
through the gale that rose to bar Her,
wild pathway 'cross the deep
& before the gale blew over,
half her drenched & driven crew,
to the tune of Ruben Ranzo,
hoisted topsail-yards anew.

3.From the haven of the present,
She has cleared & slipped away
loaded deep, & running freely,
for the Port of Yesterday
and the Cargo that She carried,
oh, it was not China Tea
She took with Her all the wonder,
& the Romance of the Sea.

[*from the BBC Radio's- "We Have fed our Seas for a Thousand Years"; created by Peter Bellamy].
Anybody know the Name, and Author of this piece?
I'd love to know