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Posted By: Stilly River Sage
23-Aug-06 - 12:13 AM
Thread Name: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
Subject: RE: BS: The Mother of all BS threads
I figured one was sugar, but hadn't puzzled out the potassium one (I didn't bother to go look them up, but in any case, I don't trade in bat guano. It's too hard on you if you breathe in any of it).

I'm back from my trip. She is so cute in her room! The nesting instinct is strong. When we first went up on Sunday, my son and I made her bed (a high-wire act if there ever was one- these are like bunk beds with no lower bunk). Next to her pillow I left a couple of her favorite little stuffed toys and a little single cell AA battery flashlight to get around in the dark (it's a doozy of a first step out of bed!) Since then she has enjoyed her new sheets, her comfy pillows, and her stuffed toys are still in with the sheets. Her computer desk is set up beneath her bed, and she has organized her dresser and desk to be very efficient. I left a bag that had been my father's with her on the first trip. It was his "picnic bag," with two sets of some nice plastic plates and mugs, some flatware, and the usual things you might need on a picnic, a can opener, a cork screw, napkins, etc. The plates and cups have already been put to good use since there is no food service until Monday (she asked for a dish rag and dish towel for washing them) but she didn't know how to use the can opener. This evening I showed her the trick to it (it was one of those tiny ones you perch on the edge of the can then pinch together). I brought the cork screw home because they aren't allowed to have drug or alcohol "paraphernalia" in this zero-tolerance world. We figured a cork screw was in that category (though one dorm resident in another room already borrowed it from her. . .)

Geez. I'd better be careful, or I'll be like Kathy Lee Gifford, reporting the exploits of my children for national entertainment.