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Posted By: Rick Fielding
20-Feb-00 - 01:42 PM
Thread Name: John Lennon in the News.
Subject: John Lennon in the News.
Hi. The Canadian press are eagerly milking the story of John Lennon's contributions to the IRA, and the "Trots" this morning. I figure it's "music related" enough to throw out for some Mudcat opinions. It might get some parallel chat in the "Ireland" thread, but that seems to be mostly long disertations on which trigger pullers have "god on their side".(sorry for the cynicism, but that's how it strikes this "outsider")

Lennon and Yoko spent quite a bit of time in Canada, and if I remember correctly their message seemed to be "a plague on ALL your heads" if you used killing as an option, so I guess a few folks are a bit surprised that he "took sides" whether they agreed with his choices or not.