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Posted By: Don Firth
25-Aug-06 - 07:29 PM
Thread Name: Guitarist's nails (again)
Subject: RE: Guitarist's nails (again)
I started out playing steel-strings, and I currently own a small steel-string guitar, which I play from time to time. I just use my nails the same as if it were my classic, and I have no problem at all getting good, substantial volume out of it. And it is small, far from a D model.

Walt Robertson played steel-string guitars and used only his nails on both 6 and 12-string. Plenty of volume on both instruments. Bob Nelson (Deckman) currently plays a classic, but when he and I were performing together, he was using a steel-string, playing with just "meat and bone." Alice Stuart, local blues singer and guitarist (appeared on national television some years ago and Bonnie Raitt praises her for "breaking the glass ceiling" by being the first woman to front her own band), uses only her nails on her beloved old D-18. In fact, I've known, and currently know, lots of good steel-string guitarists who just use their nails and do just fine,getting plenty adequate volume out of their instruments.

Maybe it's how you attack the string that makes the difference.

Don Firth