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Posted By: Jerry Rasmussen
27-Aug-06 - 08:09 AM
Thread Name: Wicker Man remake
Subject: RE: Wicker Man remake
Cage makes two types of movies... big Hollywood blockbuster action films, and smaller, offbeat stuff. I respect him for that. I recently bought a DVD of Matchstick Men, which had excellent reviews. And well deserved. I thought Cage was fine in it as a con man who ultimately turns out to be a sucker for the world's greatest con, and ends up admiring the people who pulled it on him.

I thought that he was fine in Moonstruck, too. And dopey in the little bit of National Treasure that I watched out of momentary boredom on the tee vee a couple of nights ago.

I haven't seen the original Wicker Man, but am not enticed into watching the remake. I'd probably like the original better, even having never seen it.