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Posted By: Jim Dixon
27-Aug-06 - 10:20 PM
Thread Name: Origins: Turpin Hero / Turpin's Valour
Subject: Lyr Add: TURPIN HERO (from Bodleian)
Here are the lyrics from the broadside - see the links above.


Turpin Hero is my name,
And I from Dublin City came.
It is by my slight and nimble hand
It caused me for to leave my land.

And it's O rare Turpin O!
O rare Turpin O!

The very first man that I did meet,
It was a tailor in the street.
I picked his pocket and there I found
Scissors, a thimble and half a crown.

The very next man than I did meet,
It was a parson in the street.
I robbed him of all his store
And told him he may go and preach for more.

As I rode across London moor,
I saw a lawyer just before.
I rode up to him and thus did say:
"Have you seen Turpin ride this way?"

Then Turpin being so very cute,
He hid his money in his boot.
"Faith!" said the lawyer, "None shall he find,
For I'll hide mine in my cape behind."

They rode till they came to a powder mill
Where he bade the lawyer to stand still.
"The cape of your coat it must come off,
For my old mare wants a new saddlecloth.

"O now I have robbed you of all your store,
You may go to law for more;
And my name in question bring,
You may say that you were robbed by the rare Turpin."