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Posted By: Wolfgang
21-Feb-00 - 04:16 AM
Thread Name: Du, du liegst mir in Herzen...
Subject: RE: Du, du liegst mir in Herzen...
- 'trauen' it is; James (jofield) is right, it has two meanings, but the 'mir' gives it away (otherwise it should have been 'mich'): 'trust' it is, that is 'may I trust (in) you'
- as for the first two lines, follow Joe for the verbatim translation and James for what it means: 'you are in my heart and in my mind'
- three typos in the German: verse 1, line 3: Schmerzen (doesn't matter for the understanding); but the next typo changes the meaning: Verse 3, line 3 'Du, du kannst auf mich bauen; in line 4 of this verse: 'ich'
- the one typo altered completely the meaning of verse 3: he asks himself whether he may trust her, because she is so fickle minded (known to change her moods often), but then assures her that she can trust in him (and not 'too' or 'also'!). Third verse, near to the meaning, far from verbatim:

However, may I trust you,
you are so fickle-hearted,
you can trust in me,
you know how found I am of you.

For the other verses, the tranlation above gives the correct meaning.