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Posted By: Dave'sWife
28-Aug-06 - 06:57 AM
Thread Name: Wicker Man remake
Subject: RE: Wicker Man remake
Peace - Will you forgive me for judging him given that I live in Hollywood and have crossed paths with him? He's not a very nice fellow.

I have seen virtually all his films, so I think I'm not unfair in judging his acting to be less than stellar. I'm also not the first person make the Gumby comparison.

I will be seeing the film Thursday for free thankfully. The studio has chosen to refuse to hold any advance press screenings which is usually only done when they fear what the critics will say. So no, I doubt ANYONE has seen this film yet on account of the studio doing their best to prevent previews. A friend who is a film critic has tried to get into a screening asnd has been told "No. there will be none". he is a very charitable fellow but even he says the advance word is that this film stinks. Since I won't be paying, however, I'm more likely to enjoy it!

I try to keep an open mind about remakes but this one was kicking around Hollwyood for a couple of years as a prospective project. I know it was turned down by a number of directors who one would have thought would have been perfect for this - their reason? The script - not Cage. So, when I see it, I'll try and avoid blaming any general suckiness on Cage, OK? The word has been out that the script sux since before it shot.

If it's a great film, I promise to publically apologize in this thread.