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Posted By: Bat Goddess
28-Aug-06 - 07:34 AM
Thread Name: Wicker Man remake
Subject: RE: Wicker Man remake
I can't say why I don't like Nicolas Cage, but I don't. Never have. He performed well in "Moonstruck" and that vampire thing, at least well enough that I temporarily forgot my aversion to him. (He was even distracting in "Wild At Heart".)

The original film "Wicker Man" was okay as far as you can expect from a film. I really preferred the book. But at least it wasn't offensive. (There are very very few films that turn out better than the book. "Diva" and "Reflections In a Golden Eye" are the only two that come to mind.)

I've seen the trailer (online) for the remake -- ugh! Talk about Americanization! All the stuff I hate about most American films -- does there HAVE to be car chases and explosions in everything?

But I'll probably see the film -- curiosity if nothing else. And I can't really criticize it unless I've seen it, eh?