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Posted By: GUEST,Chief Chaos
28-Aug-06 - 11:26 AM
Thread Name: BS: Do Americans think it's worth it ?
Subject: RE: BS: Do Americans think it's worth it ?
No, it seems a majority do not think it's worth it.

This seems to also adequately reflect the opinion of the Iraqi people who didn't bother doing it for themselves.

Yes we support the troops. These are our men and women, many of them very young who are following the oath they took when signing up. Regardless of the fools on the hill they deserve our support. There are those in the ranks who do not deserve it but over all they do.

And by the way, "MOST" of us Americans didn't vote for Bush the first or second times. A "Majority" of the voting public did. That's the way our democracy works. "Most" would seem to apply to a number at 75% or higher. I believe the returns showed barely 51% or so of the votes cast were for Bush.