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Posted By: bluemountainbluebird
28-Aug-06 - 07:18 PM
Thread Name: Best guitar strings for a small guitar?
Subject: Best guitar strings for a small guitar?
I have a small Gibson guitar I bought decades ago, and though it doesn't ring out like a full bodied Martin, it has a nice sweet tone, that has mellowed nicely over the years. I use light gauge strings (recommended b/c guitar is small and also action is a little high) and can't quite find a brand I like. I'd like the guitar to sustain notes a little longer, I prefer more bass sound - I still want to keep the guitar. Any suggestions for a more full bodied tone?

(PS Some of my favorite guitarists are/were John Fahey, Danny Kalb, Bill Staines, and a guy from the Great Lakes whose name I forgot but has a very sweet lyrical sound to his guitar- sings a lot of sea/lake chanties).