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Posted By: GUEST,Songster Bob
28-Aug-06 - 11:57 PM
Thread Name: Best guitar strings for a small guitar?
Subject: RE: Best guitar strings for a small guitar?
Strings are so personal (for mass-produced items) that you need to try several kinds before choosing. That said, I'm partial to John Pearse strings. They come 'pre-broken-in,' in that they don't have that harsh brightness some bronze strings have when first installed. But they keep their tone as long as some of those bright ones, so it's not like they're pre-dead.

You might try different gauges, or even try some of those Ernie Ball sets that are light tops/heavy bottoms. Like i said, experiment.

And if no string sets sound good, sell the thing as a vintage instrument and get a good player instead, even if it doesn't have the cachet of an old guitar. It's the sound and the playability, not the age or name on the headstock. I have a wonderful old Harmony Sovereign that's a killer, despite its lineage. In fact, whoever owned it earlier liked it so much that when the peghead veneer came off, he painted the headstock and put 'Harmony' in silver paint on there. Now, if only I could find a replacement bridge (this one's split) in the fancy shape of the original. Of course, I just violated my own advice, 'cause I'm talking about a vintage instrument and keeping it 'original' in appearance, but a foolish consistency is the hob-goblin of the small mind, as they say. (Do you know the origin of 'hob-goblin?' Good.)