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Posted By: Grab
29-Aug-06 - 08:09 AM
Thread Name: Best guitar strings for a small guitar?
Subject: RE: Best guitar strings for a small guitar?
Martin Fingerpickers have a very rich sound with lots of overtones - they might suit you. If the guitar's got plenty of overtones itself then they might fight it though and leave you with a messy sound. Newtones have a rich but balanced sound, but they might be a bit more pricey over in the US (they're made in the UK). Thomastik are good too, but expensive. I've just tried Elixir Polywebs and they seem to have a nice clear ringing sound too.

D'Addarios are my "reference" string for checking stuff against. They have absolutely zero personality, so you can tell what characteristics your strings need to match the guitar. I never use D'Addarios for actually playing though, because they're just blah.