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Posted By: Azizi
29-Aug-06 - 10:24 AM
Thread Name: Songs About Storms
Subject: RE: Songs About Storms
As a reminder to myself and others:

I found the words to "The Great Storm Is Over" in the DigiTrad {by putting those words is the Search box. I haven't checked yet for the other songs that have been given, but I wouldn't be surprised if the lyrics to those songs are given too.


Here's a post from WYSIWYG with a version of the lyrics to the African American Spiritual Didn't It Rain . I figure this song can also be included in this thread, since the rain that occurred could be characterized as a storm.
is a website that has sound clips of different choirs or vocalists singing "Didn't It Rain".


Most of the lyrics I have found for "Didn't It Rain" have this line:
"Didn't it rain children, talk about rain oh my Lord"

I remember as a child and teenager singing that line in my church this way: "Didn't it rain, children, rain all night long".

I don't think I was the only singing that line that way. I guess that was caused by the words being misheard and passed on that way.