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Posted By: Azizi
29-Aug-06 - 07:33 PM
Thread Name: Songs About Storms
Subject: RE: Songs About Storms
Ohh...I'm much too quick on the draw tonight. I just saw the next to the last line isn't the one I remember either.

Here's that song written as I remember it:

HE'S SWEET I KNOW [from Azizi's recollection]

He's sweet I know-oh.*
He's sweet I know.
Dark clouds may rise.
Sea billows roll.
I'll tell the world *
where'er I go
{That} I've found ah Sa-a-vior*
And He's sweet-eet I know.*

*elongate the word "know", the word "world",the word "savior" and the word "sweet". I didn't know how to note the elongation for world {"wo-erld"??}

If anybody else knows this song and can find a sound clip of it to add to this thread, that'd be great.