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Posted By: Molly Malone
21-Feb-00 - 03:58 PM
Thread Name: Is there a future for traditional music
Subject: RE: Is there a future for traditional music
Not only are there people trying to keep the folk clubs alive, but we are seeing a new trend...we are using the technology we have to contiune the oral tradition.

How long ago was it that letters took weeks to get across the country? We lived in the same house all our lives, music was passed down to generation after generation because they were there.

Now we live in a society where parents and children live in different states and countries. Yes, my parents had me at home for 18 years, but that's only enough to get good basics and a start. We need the rest of our lives to continue the tradition.

Now I sit in my living room and play CD's, and research the database, and pass on what I can. We are seeing radio stations that play "traditional" and "celtic" and "folk".

How many years will it be before I can record a CD with other musicians in other parts of the world...simultaneously? Or just plain jam with my friends in Ireland...while I sit in my Arizona room?