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31-Aug-06 - 08:39 AM
Thread Name: What's this anti-war song?-2 Brothers-Zouaves
Subject: RE: Lyr Req: What's this anti-war song?-2 Brothers
I had the spelling Zouave wrong. Sorry.

here's one paragrapgh on them and a link. if you are from the UK and have an interest in the US War "War between the States" aka The Civil War - you might find the article interesting. Zouaves units were are very unusual fad of the time.

>>>American Zouaves

Numerous Zouave regiments were organized from American soldiers who adopted the name and the North African inspired uniforms during the American Civil War. The Union army had Zouave regiments throughout the conflict, while the Confederates fielded only a handful of Zouave units. Arguably the most famous Union Zouave regiments were from New York: the 5th New York Volunteer Infantry, "Duryee's Zouaves" (after its first colonel, Abram Duryee), and the 11th New York Volunteer Infantry, "Fire Zouaves".<<<

Zouaves (pronounced Zwahv or Zoo-ahv)