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Posted By: Willie-O
31-Aug-06 - 09:45 AM
Thread Name: Obit: eulogy for a fiddle
Subject: RE: Obit: eulogy for a fiddle
A couple of people have mentioned Bill Monroe's mandolin's destruction & resurrection.

The polite terms for the destructor are "burglar" and "vandal"--both true no doubt. But it's common knowledge and no big secret that the mandolin-killer was a "jilted paramour"--seems Mr Family Values was quite the ladies man on the road.

Anything can be restored or repaired if enough money is available for the job--though not much of it may be original at the end of the day. However the economics of Bill Monroe's mandolin are not like yours or mine--since after his death it sold for one and a quarter million dollars U.S. Had it not been the primary instrument of the inventor of bluegrass music, it was still a Lloyd Loar F-5 and thus worth $80,000 - $150,000 US. Easily justifying a multi-thousand-dollar restoration.

You should get it looked into though. And if you really liked the feel of playing it, perhaps the neck and fingerboard can be reused on a new body?--sounds like they are intact, from your description.

Finally, I think you should be looking further into the issue of the driver's / taxi company's liability. I am a delivery driver and I or my boss are sure as hell liable if I damage something by running over it, if it was an avoidable occurrence.   Don't take their word for it that they're not.

My condolences, hope you get a new one soon that is as pleasing to you.