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Posted By: Bob Coltman
01-Sep-06 - 06:51 AM
Thread Name: Leadbelly or Lead Belly?
Subject: Leadbelly or Lead Belly?
A matter of usage has come up in preparing a book that mentions Leadbelly. Or Lead Belly.

Which is right?

Since the question is correctness, please don't give mere personal opinions. I need authoritative verdicts with evidence.

Are scholars tending to use "Lead Belly" now? Or is that just a quirk?

All my life I've seen it as "Leadbelly." The Wolfe and Lornell biography spells it "Leadbelly." That's how it appears on his albums.

On the other hand, the Lead Belly Foundation uses the two-word form. My editor does too. I'm stuck in the middle. I vastly prefer "Leadbelly," but is that just me?