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Posted By: GS Nana
03-Sep-06 - 01:16 AM
Thread Name: The 'geriatric' girl scout
Subject: RE: The 'geratiric ' girl scout
We just finished Twilight Camp and my youngest daughter's unit did this song. Here are the verses they used...I know there are more...somewhere.

If I were not a Girl Scout, I wonder what I'd be
If I were not a Girl Scout...
A bird watcher I'd be
Hark a lark, flying through the park, SPLAT!

2) Plumber... Plunge it, flush it, look out below!
3) Carpenter... Two by four nail it to the floor!
4) Teacher... Sit down, shut up, throw away you gum
5) Flight attendant... Coffee, tea, here's your little bag, BLEH!
6) Farmer... Here's a cow, there's a cow, and here's another, yuck!
7) Doctor... Take a pill, pay the bill! I'm going golfing
8) Electrician... Positive, negative, Buzz zap
9) Politician... Raise the taxes and lower the pay, vote for me on Election Day!
10) Pizza maker... 30 minute, fast delivery
11) Preacher... Well, well, you never can tell, you might go to heaven, or you might go to....
12) Lifeguard... Save yourself, Man, I'm working on my tan
13) Lawyer... My client wasn't there
14) Engineer... Push the button, push the button, kick the darn machine
15) Ranger... Get eaten by a bear, see if I care
16) Leader... Do this, do that, I'm gonna take a nap.

There are 2 websites that have a ton of lyrics.

They might have better or more verses...haven't checked for this particular song but have gotten others there.

Have you heard the 'Super California Surfer' version to the tune of Supercalifragilisticexpealidocious? It's a kick, fun not as cynical as the above song. I have the words if you're interested. The PA's we work with really enjoy it.