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Posted By: Charley Noble
05-Sep-06 - 10:09 PM
Thread Name: Lyr Add: Fight Wid Ole Satan
Subject: RE: Lyr Add: Fight Wid Ole Satan
Well, my mother was delighted to see the Uncle Bill version of this old song today at lunch. But then she went over Ella's version and thought there were some lines left out and some other corrections. Here's the way she thinks it goes today:

Fight Wid Ole Satan

(From singing of Ella Robinson Madison in early 1920's as remembered by Dahlov Ipcar, 9/5/06)

I had a fight wid ole Satan de odder night,
As I lay half awake;
Ole Satan, he come to my bedside
An' me he begin to shake;
He shook me long an' he shook me strong,
He shook me plumb outa the bed;
He grab me by de collar and he look me in the eye,
An' whaddaya reckon he said?

"Whad he say, Aunt Jane?
Whad he say?"

"All de gold in de mountain,
All de silver in de mine,
Shall all belong to you, Aunt Jane,
If you will only be mine."
He led me to de winder an' the night was dark
De moon was shinin' bright;
De hills an' the mountains all aroun'
Lay terror to my sight;
He said, "All des t'ings will be yourn while you live
If you will be my general when you're dead."
But I look ole Satan right plumb in de eye
An' whaddaya reckon I said?

"Whaddaya say, Aunt Jane?
Whaddaya say?"

"Getcha gone, ole Satan!
Don't you ever come 'round here again;
You might fool a white man wid dat tale
But you can't fool yo' ole Aunt Jane.

Ole Satan he went out an' he slammed de do'
An' I creeps back in the bed
An' a great white light rose up from de flo'
An' I seen my Savior's head:
"Well done, good an' faithful servant
You shall sit upon my right han'
An' play on the golden harp all de live long day
Even tho youse a po' black mam'
Live humble, humble youself,
I got glory an' honour, praise Jesus!"

Charley Noble