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Posted By: Bill D
06-Sep-06 - 11:49 PM
Thread Name: New Trad Music Internet Radio Station
Subject: RE: New Trad Music Internet Radio Station
I assume you mean Fred?.......sorry if it sounds harsh, Becky...that's not the way I meant it. I'm very pleased to see the format and applaud the effort. It's just that he (and John on the Sunset Coast) make it seem like it 'ought' to be simple and obvious for everyone....which it is not. I was trying to explain why, as there may be others who experience the same problems I do. What Fred does is great....what Live365 does is manipulative....I hope that many people enjoy Fred's lineup, whether I can or not.

What Live365 does solves some problems while creating others, and is similar to what RealAudio did and what MicroSoft used to do all the time....that is, get lots of people locked into their format and trivializing other, often superior, formats.