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Posted By: Joe Offer
26-Dec-97 - 01:00 AM
Thread Name: Songbook recommendations
Subject: RE: Songbooks
"Complex Piano Arrangements," Alice?? What are you, one of those show-offs that plays with TEN fingers, or something? A single melody is about all I can handle with my two-finger method.
Seriously, I can see what you mean - it would be wonderful to access arrangements like that whenever you needed them. Why don't you try this link and see if there's something you like? There are a number of complex midi arrangements of folk music available on the Web. The quantity of songs is not anywhere near that of the Digital Tradition, but the songs do have full arrangements. With the right software, you can print out midi arrangements.
You're a Mac person, aren't you? I don't know much about Mac shareware, but maybe Cakewalk would have a good MIDI package for the Mac. Oh - there IS sheet music available on a few Web sites - for a fee, of course. Hope you had a good Christmas.
-Joe Offer-